Looking for Input

Now that I am totally on my own, I need some input. What do you all not like about the store. What would you change if you could? Even with the website.

What type of things would you like to see me do here? I want to have more signings and events. Working on game night.

What else? All feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. That guy with the Red beard is interested in hearing about your game night plans and helping with them. Tuesday and Saturday nights conflict for me, and I imagine Magic:TG is top of the billing on Friday.

  2. Thanks guys. I will start doing the late Wednesday, probably next week. The problems have been 1. Nana is ready to go after 2 days with the kids and the dog and 2. getting the kids to bed. But now, they are basically able to go to bed themselves and Nana can handle an extra couple hours.

    I always thought I would be so ready come Wednesday to do specials and such, but it always slams me. Plus, as you guys know, when the books are late, its a free for all. Starting January when we get the books a day early, Wednesdays will be much smoother. Everything will be checked in and on the shelf the night before and I will be ready to go Wednesday morning. A drastic difference from the current chaos.

    I like the idea of a comic roundtable. I will definitely get that set up.

    Keep them coming!

  3. I like the idea of being open maybe even just an hour later on Wednesdays. Book club was good. I’d still like to see a Comics Roundtable maybe 1 time a month to discuss current books. I really like the idea above about highlighting a character every month, but I’d even look at just showcasing a certain title or event. Just an example: When Marvel started Heroic Age, do a 20% all #1 issues under the heroic age banner to let people sample the books. I know you’ve hooked me on a couple of books that way.

  4. I agree with Creed, later hours once or twice a month would be my only wish. I think you’ve got a good thing going so far. It’s after midnight, did anyone save?

  5. A late night once or twice a month. As an older guy with a family and kids I usually have to have the babysitter stay or get a, “get out of jail free card” to get there by 7. I am about 20 minutes away though making it about an hour and thirty minute turn around with traffic and browsing, I’m not to sure if any one elese is in the same boat though. A comic book review show would be cool to.

  6. I really like the Book Club, highlighting a trade every month.

    What about a raffle of some sort every month. It could be anything that you would want to put up. Sell the tickets for a buck (or whatever, depending on the item).

  7. Jason – Hey, you’re the one who wanted to go and live in the wilds of Colorado. One too many episodes of Survivorman, I think.

  8. Rich – That has been something I have been thinking about since I first started thinking about doing this, back in 1993. The problem comes in execution. What is going to be the big character that month? And the actual getting it set up. I have the perfect spot (on the wall between the bookshelves. Its just a case of getting it done. Maybe a Monday task?

  9. Maybe have a Monthly promotion. Every month focus on a character or team and have a display with maybe a 25% off sale on all related items to push that character. Incentive for new fans to jump on board.

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