Fourteen years ago, I fulfilled a life-long dream and opened my comic book store.  After making all of the plans, I went to get my Diamond Comic Distributors account.  I needed a reference.  Hmmm.  I really didn’t have a reference for running a comic book store.  So I went to Todd McDevitt, owner of New Dimension Comics, to see if he would be my reference.  I had shopped at his stores for years.  He had a better plan.  Why not open up a New Dimension Comic store instead?  So I did.  And it has been very successful for 4 years.

But I got to the point where I wanted to do more.  And some things I couldn’t do as part of a chain.  So, I left New Dimension and have relaunched the store as Pittsburgh Comics.  Why Pittsburgh Comics, you ask.  I’m not in Pittsburgh proper.  Why not just Colin’s Comics.  Let me explain my plans.

I envision Pittsburgh Comics as several things:

1.  I want it to be the best comic book store in the country.  Simple, huh.  I want it to be a comfortable place to shop, for everyone.  A place where you can go and find everything from the latest Archie to the latest Zorro hardcover.  If you want it, I will probably have it.  Or I can get it.

2.  I want it to be a community.  I want people to come here even if they are not looking for something.  A place to hang out and talk comics.  Not a clubhouse where a few rule the store, but a friendly place.  A place where everyone is welcome.

3.  I want it to be a concept.  I am dedicating wall and shelf space specifically to local creators.  I am going to devote space on the website for local creators to let people know what they are doing and where they are appearing, whether its here or at shows or even other stores.  I want to be the place people come to find out what is going on with the local comic scene.

So, for those reasons, I needed a name that said more than just a place to get your comics.  The more I thought and talked about it, Pittsburgh Comics was the right choice.