Another Reason Why I Like DC

I know, I go on and on and on about DC.  But it is generally for a pretty good reason.  Here is another example. The first week of DCnU books hit the week of Labor Day.  Because Monday is a UPS holiday, we have a one day delay in delivery.  You shouldn’t notice this, because […]

Warning – More Marvel Dissing Ahead

Just to start off with, I used to be super excited about reading the Marvel Previews every month.  “Oooh!  I can’t wait to read that!”  Where when I would read the DC ones, it was more “Oh, another issue of Superman, another Batman, yawn…”  But lately, I have been much more interested in what is […]

Collecting Comics and History

I come to my love of history through my father.  He was fascinated with it and there were always history books around when I was growing up.  I would have been a history major if I could have figured out a way to get a job out of it (not that my Economics Degree did […]

DC Comics Big News

News is still coming out every day, but I figured you may want to know what I think.  I have to admit my initial reaction was poor, but it was based on one line in the initial announcement, more than the relaunch of the titles.  My initial concern was over the spectre of Same Day […]

Possible DC Line-Wide Renumbering?

I expect this to be a topic at tomorrow’s podcast, but I figured I would throw out my first thoughts.  Don’t read past the break if you don’t want the podcast spoiled ahead of time. Bleeding Cool is reporting “In September, all the DC Comics published set within the DC Universe will be renumbered with […]

Podcasting in General

I am a very lucky person in that I have a 7-10 minute commute to work (depending on if I hit the one light on the way and if I get behind someone driving slowly).  The only downside is that I really don’t have any time to listen to podcasts.  I tried listening when I […]

Podcast Issue #2 is Up!

OK.  This one is me going through the Marvel Previews for May. I have big plans for doing more of these.  Sean Wheatley and I talked in the store for an hour late Wednesday and we both agreed that it would have made a great podcast.  So I am planning on recording our (You, the […]

Random Thoughts on a Monday and Flashpoint #5

I received my “special fancy allowing me to make podcasts” recorder today (thank you really successful Free Comic Book Day!). It will allow me to record our Book Clubs, Round tables and anything else I want to do without needing multiple microphones and stuff. My first ones will probably be solo stuff. I am going […]

Sandman by Neil Gaiman

I just finished re-reading the entire Sandman series over the last 2 weeks.  I grabbed the first volume one day just looking for something to read during my sons drum lesson.  It had been a while since I had read it and none of it was fresh in my mind.  Man, what a read. I […]

Warhammer & Warhammer 40K

I was contacted this week by Games Workshop about carrying Warhammer in the store.  I had looked at it when I first opened, but the investment and space requirement were more than I could afford. I have more room now and they have lowered the amount of product I have to carry. I am considering […]