Podcasting in General

I am a very lucky person in that I have a 7-10 minute commute to work (depending on if I hit the one light on the way and if I get behind someone driving slowly).  The only downside is that I really don’t have any time to listen to podcasts.  I tried listening when I […]

Podcast Issue #2 is Up!

OK.  This one is me going through the Marvel Previews for May. I have big plans for doing more of these.  Sean Wheatley and I talked in the store for an hour late Wednesday and we both agreed that it would have made a great podcast.  So I am planning on recording our (You, the […]

Random Thoughts on a Monday and Flashpoint #5

I received my “special fancy allowing me to make podcasts” recorder today (thank you really successful Free Comic Book Day!). It will allow me to record our Book Clubs, Round tables and anything else I want to do without needing multiple microphones and stuff. My first ones will probably be solo stuff. I am going […]

Sandman by Neil Gaiman

I just finished re-reading the entire Sandman series over the last 2 weeks.  I grabbed the first volume one day just looking for something to read during my sons drum lesson.  It had been a while since I had read it and none of it was fresh in my mind.  Man, what a read. I […]

Warhammer & Warhammer 40K

I was contacted this week by Games Workshop about carrying Warhammer in the store.  I had looked at it when I first opened, but the investment and space requirement were more than I could afford. I have more room now and they have lowered the amount of product I have to carry. I am considering […]

March Sales Chart Thoughts

I was looking over the March comic sales on ICv2 this morning and I was stunned by the low sales.  The #2 book was in the 70,000s.  What is going on?  The former cancelation line of 10,000 unites (for Marvel and DC) hit at #193.  #300 only sold 4500 copies.  These numbers seem really low. […]

Random Market Share Information

My first customer today asked me how Marvel sales compared to DC sales for me.  So, for the first time ever, I ran a sales report based by Publisher.  And here are the results, Year-To-Date: Marvel – 25.61% DC – 24.22% Not really that big of a difference.  Here are some other notables: Archie – […]

My Thoughts on Digital Comics

There has been a lot of talk about Digital Comics lately.  At least there was a lot of talk about it at the ComicsPRO meeting in Dallas.  Recently there was a poll on a retailer site about it.  I was going to go into a long answer there, but I figured it was better to […]

Dwayne McDuffie and Creators Passing

In case you hadn’t heard, Dwayne McDuffie died yesterday.  Now, he rose to fame at the exact time I was out of comics, the late 80s through mid-90s.  So I was not there for the Milestone launch.  I have very little familiarity with the characters.  But the fact that they are there speaks volumes for […]

Marvel Trades Sales – Not So Good

Looking over my top GN sales for 2010, I noticed something very interesting. Of the Top 50, 6 are Marvel.  And 4 of those are only in the Top 50 because of ties.  Most are in the 60 – 70 range.  And the 2 that are in the actual Top 50?  Kick Ass and the […]