Taking a cue from Giant Eagle and other retailers, I have a ComicPerks card. It works in a similar fashion to the others you are familiar with. You accumulate points with every purchase you make here. The points accumulate and once you reach 100 points, you get a $10 coupon (or a credit really) towards your next purchase. You can use it anytime after its earned. You can use the next day, or save them and let them accumulate to treat yourself to that item you’ve been wanting, but couldn’t justify spending the money on.

The other neat thing about it is that I can have fun with promotions using it. Say the new Marvel movie is coming out. I can offer you double points on all Spider-Man merchandise that weekend. Or anything I want.

Combined with this is my weekly email. In this, I will have news about whats coming the next Wednesday, links to reviews, news about what’s going on in the store AND info about what the current ComicPerks promotion is. I will always try to have something earning you extra points (be it back issues, graphic novels, all Superman merchandise, etc) as well as special “This Weekend” or “Only this Tuesday” type of specials.

So come on down and sign up for your ComicPerks card. They’re free. And they look darn good.


    • If you go to the website on the back and punch in the card number, it should tell you

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