Small Press Sale – Changing Every Week

I am a big supporter of the little guy.  Carrying the vast different offerings that are out there is a big part of what make this job fun.  I have decided to spotlight a different smaller publisher every week. This week’s publisher is Top Shelf.  Why Top Shelf first?  Because Publisher Chris Staros has been […]

St. Patrick’s Day Sale

Today, Everybody’s Irish!  Anything Green – 25% Off!  Just convince me it is green and you get it.  Now I don’t mean flipping through and finding a random panel that has green in it.  But if it has green in the title, or the main character or villain has a green costume.

About Face on Temperature Sale – Updated

I have decided to continue the Back Issue Temperature Sale through the end of March.  However, I am going to cap the discount at 60% so even if it gets warmer than that, the discount stops.  I figured that this was a good compromise between ending it and selling stuff at 80% off. I will […]

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Sale

In honor of my daughter marching in the parade today, everything Green in the store is an extra 25% off today.  So that means all issues of Green Lantern are 25% off.  A Loki mini-bust with green on it, 25% off.  A green book from the Half-Off box, 75% off.  So come on in and […]

Back Issue Temperature Sale Continues!

Since its not supposed to hit 90 or anything crazy this week, let’s keep the Temperature Back Issue Sale going through the weekend.  All Back Issues discounted by what every the temperature is, according to my computer.

Hardcover Sale

Since I have officially started my Spring Cleaning today, I decided to make you an offer that will help clear off my shelves.  Through March 12th, all Hardcovers are 25% off.  As a bonus, all Hardcovers in the half off box are now 75% Off.

Back By Popular Demand – The Temperature Sale Continues

Since it was such a hit (and temps aren’t supposed to get into the 80s), I am continuing the Back Issue  Temperature through the weekend.  Whatever the temperature is outside, that is the discount off of all of the back issues.  But don’t wait too long, or what you want will be gone.

Cleaning House

So, I looked under a table and found 8 boxes of books.  “What’s that?” I asked.  “Overstock”, I was told.  Well, you know what.  I want it to go away.  So it is all out on the tables.  $1 each, 15 for $10.  Its all alphabetized.  Come on down and start digging through.  Lots of […]