Couldn’t Find It At The Con Sale!

With the Steel City Con going on this weekend, I’m gonna have a little sale. 25% off All Back Issues under $25! 25% off all Graphic Novels! 50% off All Porcelain Statues! So if you go and don’t find what you are looking for there, come look here. If you don’t want to go down […]

Temperature Sale Thursday & Friday!

Because it seems like the weather is shifting towards the warm, these will be the last 2 Temperature Sales of the season. Stock up! It’s going to be extra nice today and tomorrow, so lets do another Temperature Sale! Under $25 books – Back Issue discount is the outside temperature $25 and up – 25% […]

Temperature Sale Today!!!

Over 50 degrees in February??? Sounds like its time for a Temperature Sale! For all Back Issues under $25, whatever the outside temperature is at the time of checkout is your discount on the Back Issues. For all Back Issues $25 and up, they are 25% off!

Year End Back Issue Temperature Sale!

60 Degrees in December?!? After we nearly froze to death last week?!? Sounds like a good time for a Temperature Sale! Friday & Saturday! Back Issues under $25 – Your discount is whatever the outside temperature is! Back Issues $25 and up – 25% off!