Action Comics #1000 Set!

DC just announced that we will be able to do a Midnight Release on Tuesday 4/17 for Action Comics #1000.

To make sure that you can get all of the covers if you want them all, I decided to also do a set.

$49.99 for all 9 covers (regularly $71.91). Also, please let me know if you just want a certain cover.

My final order numbers go in on Monday 3/19. I will order plenty for the shelf, but I can’t make promises after Monday. I have an idea of how many I will sell, but when I divide it by 9, some covers may sell out before others. There is also a blank cover available.


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  1. Colin bob maytan here…i would like the whole set of 9 covers please bob maytan 724 272 9500 please let me know bamayta@ thanks

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