Walking Dead 100 Promotion

Walking Dead 100 ships this week.  They decided to do 8 covers.  So I ordered a lot of all of them.  A lot of all of them.  Big things are going on with Rick and his group.   But how can you decide which cover to get?  I know.  It’s hard.

For those of you that have me hold you Walking Dead each month, if you can, please let me know which cover you want.

For those of you that can’t decide, I’m going to run a special.  This issue is $3.99.  But if you get all 8 covers, I will sell them as a package for $25 that’s a $7 savings AND you don’t have to worry about which cover is going to be the HOT one. You’ll have them all!!!

I will also have the Chromium cover for $9.99

And I’ll have the Special 1 in 200 variant


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