Saturday Special: Age of Apocalypse Complete Plus!

I just came across a complete set of Age of Apocalypse.  So, before I am tempted to read it again, I figure I would offer it up for sale as one ginormous set.  52 books.  $75

Here is all that is in it:

The four prequel issues: Uncanny X-Men 320 & 321, X-Men 40 & 41

X-Men Alpha

Amazing X-Men 1-4

Astonishing X-Men 1-4

Weapon X 1-4

X-Man 1-4

Gambit and the Xternals 1-4

Factor X 1-4

X-Calibre 1-4

Generation Next 1-4

X-Men Omega

X-Men Chronicles 1 & 2

X-Universe 1 & 2

Bonus Books:

Age of Apocalypse The Chosen

Tales From the Age of Apocalypse Staring the X-Men

Tales From the Age of Apocalypse Starring Factor-X

X-Men Prime

What If #77: What If Legion Had Killed Magneto

Marvel Riot #1

Rise of Apocalypse 1-4

Posted in Sale.