Slight New Comic Wall Layout Change

I don’t want to surprise you all, so I want you to know about a change I am making to the new comic wall.  As you may have noticed, I moved the toys from the wall to above the back issues.  This was in an attempt to gain more shelf space for the new comics.  I put the half off trades up on the wall first, thinking they’d sell better face out, rather than in a box on the table.  Which they have.  I wasn’t sure exactly when I was going to use them for new comics.  Tomorrow is the day.

I normally have to pull 10-20 titles off of the shelf every week to make room for the new titles or new issues of long missing titles.  Mostly I pull finished mini-series or titles that I haven’t seen an issue of in a long time.  This week I need to make 24 new spaces on the wall.  That is a lot of books to go away, never to be seen again.

So, while I have this chance with the extra shelf space available, I am going to use it.  So, the end of the alphabet will now be on the wall where the toys used to be.  I will have signs, but I just wanted to send out a heads up.

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