Free Comic Book Day Rules

Free Comic Book Day is a fun experience. Lots of books are available for every one. But there are a few rules.

Take as many different books as you like. But:

  1. Just take one copy of each. No “I’m getting one or two or five for friends who can’t be here.” Let them read yours. I got a lot of books, but I don’t want 50 copies of a book going to 10 people. That’s not fair to others.
  2. Only grab what you interests you. Its not a contest. There’s no prize for grabbing the most books. If you have zero interest in Doctor Who or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, leave them for someone who is interested.
  3. Please read them. Someone recently told me that they still hadn’t read last years books. Then what’s the point? A full set of official Free Comic Book Day books costs me $20-25. A full set of everything on the tables is closer to $40. Why cost me $40 and not even read them? I don’t get it.
  4. Be kind. Nothing makes me sadder than to hear people are pushing and shoving. C’mon. They are free comic books. They have zero value. Its supposed to be fun. Its supposed to be informative. Don’t make it a hassle.

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