Check out the Pittsburgh Comics weekly podcast for news and reviews on all things comics related. Want to join in on the discussion? Come on down to the store and grab a chair, we record every Wednesday at around 7:30pm.

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Colin McMahon

Colin McMahon, world-renowned brisket expert, is the owner of Pittsburgh Comics.

Colin's Bio

Adam Russell

Adam Russell, a long-time contributor to the podcast, is actually how the cookie crumbles.

Adam's Bio

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly MIGHT just be the Hulk. He's also the founder of Pat's News.

Pat's Bio

Josh Smith

Josh Smith, everyone's favorite thunder-buddy, is the newest addition to the podcast.

Josh's Bio

Dave Mayernik Jr.

Dave is many things to many people. Some might call him Santa or Batman, but you can call him Beaker.

Dave's Bio


Podcast Tonight!

I have no thoughts about what we should do tonight.  So lets have some suggestions or we can wing it.

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Episode #13

Where we talk about our favorites current books.  Lots of good discussion. http://pittsburghcomics.com/podcasts/pghcomics_issue_013.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Podcast Ideas for 8/3/11

Adam mentioned that he had some ideas, but apparently he is keeping them secret. My thought for this week is simple.  What are your 5 top of the pile books?  The books that are automatically the first book you read the week it comes out.  The books you get excited to read when you see […]

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Issue #12

Where we talk about San Diego, recent Marvel Comics and devolve into Marvel vs DC business practices.  Enjoy! http://pittsburghcomics.com/podcasts/pghcomics_issue_012.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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