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Better Info About Mike Deodato

Here is a much better link for info about Mike Deodato. Don’t forget the signing in Wednesday 12/22 from 5-7! http://www.glasshousegraphics.com/creators/pencilers/mikedeodato/

Mike Deodato Next Wednesday 12/22 5-7PM

I just found out that Mike Deodato will be up from Brazil visiting in the area next week and is going to be kind enough to come by the store.  He will be next here Wednesday from 5-7pm.  If that isn’t a Christmas present, I don’t know what is. Mr. Deodato is currently drawing Secret […]

Marvel and Its Diminishing Luster

I am a fan of Marvel comics.  I am just not a fan of Marvel Comics.  Does that make sense?  I’ll explain. I grew up reading Marvel and DC.  But I loved Marvel a little bit more.  Spider-Man was always my favorite, but Daredevil was up there as well.  The New Teen Titans were good, […]

On the First Day of Festivus, Pittsburgh Comics Gave to Me…

75% Off all gaming miniatures.  D&D, Axis & Allies, World of Warcraft, Star Wars. Now, I realize that this isn’t the most exciting for many of you, but the reason for choosing this first this is twofold.  1) Rich’s wife is due any day now, so I may be closed.  2) According to the local […]

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