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April Book Club – Thursday 4/14/11

Change of pace for April.  Since there was only a few of us for the Daytripper discussion, we didn’t decide on a book for April.  So, I decided to switch it up a little.  For April, it is going to be more of a roundtable setting.  More of an open discussion.  Things I am up […]

Review – Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer 2 (of 5) Written by Greg Pak Penciled by Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Segovia Review by currentcomicguy Part 2 of Greg Pak’s limited series has less to do with the Silver Surfer and more to do with Norrin Radd, the Surfer’s past persona.  The Silver Surfer has been stripped of the power cosmic […]

Review – Hulk 31

    Hulk 31 Written by Jeff Parker Penciled by Gabriel Hardman Review by currentcomicguy General Thunderbolt Ross spent the latter half of his military career hunting the Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the Hulk.  After years of failure, a desperate Ross fakes his own death and becomes the Red Hulk in order to […]

Small Press Sale – Changing Every Week

I am a big supporter of the little guy.  Carrying the vast different offerings that are out there is a big part of what make this job fun.  I have decided to spotlight a different smaller publisher every week. This week’s publisher is Top Shelf.  Why Top Shelf first?  Because Publisher Chris Staros has been […]

Random Market Share Information

My first customer today asked me how Marvel sales compared to DC sales for me.  So, for the first time ever, I ran a sales report based by Publisher.  And here are the results, Year-To-Date: Marvel – 25.61% DC – 24.22% Not really that big of a difference.  Here are some other notables: Archie – […]

More Reviews: Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Daken

      Uncanny X-Men 534 Written by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen Penciled by Greg Land and Paul Renaud I’ve always appreciated books that feature two stories at once.  Matt Fraction’s latest Uncanny X-Men arc, “Quarantine,” does just that.  Both stories, the H1-X1 virus and the Emma/Shaw problem, conclude in issue 534. Aside from […]

Reviews: FF, New Mutants, X-Force

I have always wanted to do more reviews, but I don’t always have the time to do them.  When I overheard that a customer created a separate Twitter account to do reviews, I recruited him.  Feedback is appreciated.  Do you like short reviews?  Long reviews?  Ones that talk about the story or ones that just […]

My Godzilla Cover!

Since its on Bleeding Cool, I guess its ok for me to put it out there.  This should be in the store by the end of April.

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