September is Captain Month at Pittsburgh Comics!!!

All month long, double points on all Graphic Novels with Captains in them!!!

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No Podcast Tonight

I think we covered a lot of stuff last night and I am beat at 11:00AM, so I think I will be whupped at 7:00PM.  Jeremy kind of agrees, so we will put the next one off to next THURSDAY.  We will make it a New #1 Spectacular.  Sorry Nick and Sean.  

Justice League Launch Party Sale Details

I am having a Justice League Midnight Release Party from 10:00pm-12:00am on Tuesday, August 30th.  Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 will be on sale at 12:01am (no, I can’t sell it early, so don’t ask!)  Refreshments will be provided.  To make it fun, I will also be having a sale.  I know that you […]

Arriving 8/31/11

Don’t forget about the midnight release of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1.  It will be preceded by a sale from 10-12:00.  Refreshments will be provided. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #666 2ND PTG RAMOS VAR (PP #983) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #667 2ND PTG RAMOS HERO SKETCH VAR SPI AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #667 2ND PTG RAMOS LIZARD SKETCH VAR SPI […]

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Episode #16

X-Men Revamp and discussion of some of our favorite recent books. We had a big group tonight, so I hope it doesn’t get confusing.  We did our best to identify ourselves often.

Wednesday’s Podcast Thoughts

The ones that I get the most feedback from are the ones where we talk about recent books that we have enjoyed, so let’s go with that again for this week.  Bring thoughts (or pages of notes, Joe) about something you have liked recently, be it an issue, storyline or graphic novel. On the flip […]

Some Older Reviews

Because I forgot to post them (Sorry Dan)                         Mr. Degnan’s Gradebook week of August 10th, 2011 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 667: B+ I love Ramos’ Spider-Man art.  As for the story, I’d really like to know when this event takes place in regards to Fear […]

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