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Back Issue Bonanza!

Just in – 11 short boxes of good stuff.  All Marvel & DC.  No 90s Image.  All $1 each.  While they last!

Reviews – Batman Inc #4, Daredevil Reborn #3, Hellraiser, Dark Knight #2

Batman Incorporated #4 Written by Grant Morrison Art by Chris Burnham Review by Colin   Grant Morrison has been hit or miss for me.  He always has the big ideas, but sometimes it seems too big, too confusing or not complete.  I always admire what he is attempting, but I also understand those of you […]

Reviews – Captain America and Thor Point Ones

Captain America 615.1 Written by Ed Brubaker Penciled by Mitch Breitweiser Review by currentcomicsguy This issue is a good example of what a .1 issue should be, a jumping on point.  The “Trial of Captain America” arc came to an end last issue with Bucky Barnes declared not guilty in America but being extradited to […]

Reviews – War of the Green Lanterns, Parts 1 & 2

Green Lantern 64 Written by Geoff johns Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy Review by Colin   Part 1.  The big bad has finally been revealed.  Krona has shown his cards and his plan.  And it is not good for anyone.  The Green Lantern Corps is after Hal because he has violated their trust […]

April Book Club – Thursday 4/14/11

Change of pace for April.  Since there was only a few of us for the Daytripper discussion, we didn’t decide on a book for April.  So, I decided to switch it up a little.  For April, it is going to be more of a roundtable setting.  More of an open discussion.  Things I am up […]

Review – Silver Surfer #2

Silver Surfer 2 (of 5) Written by Greg Pak Penciled by Harvey Tolibao and Stephen Segovia Review by currentcomicguy Part 2 of Greg Pak’s limited series has less to do with the Silver Surfer and more to do with Norrin Radd, the Surfer’s past persona.  The Silver Surfer has been stripped of the power cosmic […]

Review – Hulk 31

    Hulk 31 Written by Jeff Parker Penciled by Gabriel Hardman Review by currentcomicguy General Thunderbolt Ross spent the latter half of his military career hunting the Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the Hulk.  After years of failure, a desperate Ross fakes his own death and becomes the Red Hulk in order to […]

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