September is Batman Month at Pittsburgh Comics!!!

All month long, double points on all Batman Graphic Novels!!!

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Back Issue Sale

Rumor has it, there may be one last temperature sale before summer. When could it be?

Statue Sale Saturday

Hey statue lovers!  I am going to have a special statue sale on Saturday for Free Comic Book Day.  Instead of doing a blanket percentage off, I am going to individually mark down each statute, some as much as 75% off!  I will have them all listed on the White Boards on the wall where […]

Graphic Novel Sale Revision

Sorry to do this to you guys.  I have done this sale before, but just one day or weekend.  Not for an entire month.  Running the numbers last night, I realized that I may be doing more harm than good to my bottom line, so I am revising the sale, just a bit.  I still […]

Free Comic Book Day Goings on Update

I came home to find my kids coloring pages out of a Spider-Man coloring book.  So, I decided to have a coloring contest.  There is always a great turnout of kids that day.  My kids will judge the winners.  

Sandman by Neil Gaiman

I just finished re-reading the entire Sandman series over the last 2 weeks.  I grabbed the first volume one day just looking for something to read during my sons drum lesson.  It had been a while since I had read it and none of it was fresh in my mind.  Man, what a read. I […]

Pittsburgh Comics May Sale Info – Updated

So, in March, I did the Back Issue Temperature Sale. It went quite well. April was the dollar books. May will be… Graphic Novels! Buy one, get the 2nd 30%off! For the entire month! Starting Saturday! Usual legalese, this does not include sale items, half off trades or special orders. Updated 5/4 Sorry to do […]

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