Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Episode #17 1st Wave of DC #1s

We went over the first full week of DC new #1s.  What we liked and what didn’t work for us.  And opinions were not always in agreement.  Plus 2 new voices for you! Spoiler warning.  We didn’t try to give things away, but we really did go over each book pretty thoroughly. http://pittsburghcomics.com/podcasts/pghcomics_issue_017.mp3Podcast: Play in […]

Podcast This Week -Thursday!

Just a reminder that our podcast recording this week will be Thursday night.  This will give you some time to read and digest the new DC #1s coming out tomorrow.  I know that some of our regular podcasters can’t make it, but as always, everyone is welcome.  If you read a book and want to […]

No Podcast Tonight

I think we covered a lot of stuff last night and I am beat at 11:00AM, so I think I will be whupped at 7:00PM.  Jeremy kind of agrees, so we will put the next one off to next THURSDAY.  We will make it a New #1 Spectacular.  Sorry Nick and Sean.  

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Episode #16

X-Men Revamp and discussion of some of our favorite recent books. We had a big group tonight, so I hope it doesn’t get confusing.  We did our best to identify ourselves often. http://pittsburghcomics.com/podcasts/pghcomics_issue_016.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Wednesday’s Podcast Thoughts

The ones that I get the most feedback from are the ones where we talk about recent books that we have enjoyed, so let’s go with that again for this week.  Bring thoughts (or pages of notes, Joe) about something you have liked recently, be it an issue, storyline or graphic novel. On the flip […]

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Episode #15

August 2011 Previews Discussion This time we made it through all of the front of the book companies (Dark Horse, DC, IDW, Image & Marvel).  The idea is to give you an idea of what I, as a retailer, look at, with some input from customers.  I will try to do a separate podcast about […]

Podcast for 8/17 “Previews”

Next week, we will do the August Previews catalog, so give it a look through and make notes about things that interest you or confuse you. As always, everyone is welcome to participate.  The more opinions, the better. I figure this is a good time to do an explanation of the Previews Catalog: Every month, […]

Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Issue #14

This one is all over the place.  I missed a good bit of it helping customers, but what I heard was pretty interesting. As a side note, next week we will be going through the August Previews, starting with Marvel.  So, if you want to join along in the store or at home, stop by […]