A Cautionary Tale, But A Valuable Lesson

So I see on Bleeding Cool and ICV2 that Double Take is shutting down. Now I have nothing but respect for them. They made a great effort to get new books out. They had a low price and lots of support and enthusiasm. Everyone I talked to there did nothing but push their stuff hard. […]

X-Men Return!

As I’m sure you’ve seen all over the interwebs, it sure looks like Marvel is bringing back the X-Men. We’ve seen promo images for Iceman, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Generation X, Cable and then, just yesterday X-Men Gold and Blue. Now this is really really good news. Since, what, Battle of the Atom, the X-books […]

Is Marvel Even Trying to Be My Friend Anymore?

Now I know I often talk about Marvel Comics in less than glowing terms. As always, it is not because of the books. I love the books they put out. I love the characters. I love the writers and artists. I want to sell lots and lots of Marvel Comics. I just don’t like how […]

Opinion Pieces

So, I am looking at either making a companion site to this or making kind of a sub-site where I can do more opinion pieces, articles and review type stuff that won’t interfere with the regular flow of the website with New This Week, Podcast and sale info. I don’t want that stuff getting lost. […]

Pittsburgh Comics – Best Sellers of 2015

Comics: Star Wars #1 Secret Wars #1 Batman #40 Dark Knight III Master Race #1 Batman #39 Batman #38 Secret Wars #2 Batman #41 Darth Vader #1 Batman #43 Secret Wars #3 Batman #42 Justice League #41 Batman #44 Secret Wars #4 Batman #46 Star Wars #2 Secret Wars #5 Batman #47 Batman #45 Secret […]

X-Men Age of Apocalypse – Hope?

Growing up, the X-Men were it. The bomb. The bee’s knees. Back in the 150 area. X-Men and New Teen Titans were the top books. Then in the 90s it was even bigger. Nowadays … not so much. Since I have been open, the X-Men have had a ton of good creators. I think Brubaker […]

Slow It Down, Marvel!

Yes, more of me complaining about Marvel’s publishing procedures, but bear with me. I can explain. One of the things BOOM! Studios announced at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore in September was that they would be reducing their output by 15%. They feel that there are too many books out there for the number […]

Here is Why Am Frustrated by Marvel Comics

As most of you know, Marvel and I have a general dislike of each other. It has absolutely nothing to do with their books. It has nothing to do with their creators. I just don’t like how they do things and they consider talking with me a waste of time. This was shown again last […]

Free Comic Book Day Wrap Up

Holy cow! What a day! Thank you to everyone who came out. I honestly only think I said hi to more than a third of you. What a blur of people. We went through thousands of comics, 300 hot dogs, 12 cases of soda and water and 2 trays of cookies. I hope you all […]

Secret Wars Recap – So Far…

So I have watched the Marvel announcement and I’ve read stuff online, but none of it really made sense to me. So this morning I watched the announcement again and took notes. Here is what I gleaned from it: – This has been planned since the beginning of Marvel Now. – The Marvel Universe and […]