Opinion Pieces

So, I am looking at either making a companion site to this or making kind of a sub-site where I can do more opinion pieces, articles and review type stuff that won’t interfere with the regular flow of the website with New This Week, Podcast and sale info. I don’t want that stuff getting lost. […]

Pittsburgh Comics – Best Sellers of 2015

Comics: Star Wars #1 Secret Wars #1 Batman #40 Dark Knight III Master Race #1 Batman #39 Batman #38 Secret Wars #2 Batman #41 Darth Vader #1 Batman #43 Secret Wars #3 Batman #42 Justice League #41 Batman #44 Secret Wars #4 Batman #46 Star Wars #2 Secret Wars #5 Batman #47 Batman #45 Secret […]

X-Men Age of Apocalypse – Hope?

Growing up, the X-Men were it. The bomb. The bee’s knees. Back in the 150 area. X-Men and New Teen Titans were the top books. Then in the 90s it was even bigger. Nowadays … not so much. Since I have been open, the X-Men have had a ton of good creators. I think Brubaker […]

Slow It Down, Marvel!

Yes, more of me complaining about Marvel’s publishing procedures, but bear with me. I can explain. One of the things BOOM! Studios announced at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Baltimore in September was that they would be reducing their output by 15%. They feel that there are too many books out there for the number […]

Here is Why Am Frustrated by Marvel Comics

As most of you know, Marvel and I have a general dislike of each other. It has absolutely nothing to do with their books. It has nothing to do with their creators. I just don’t like how they do things and they consider talking with me a waste of time. This was shown again last […]

Free Comic Book Day Wrap Up

Holy cow! What a day! Thank you to everyone who came out. I honestly only think I said hi to more than a third of you. What a blur of people. We went through thousands of comics, 300 hot dogs, 12 cases of soda and water and 2 trays of cookies. I hope you all […]

Secret Wars Recap – So Far…

So I have watched the Marvel announcement and I’ve read stuff online, but none of it really made sense to me. So this morning I watched the announcement again and took notes. Here is what I gleaned from it: – This has been planned since the beginning of Marvel Now. – The Marvel Universe and […]

Initial Diamond Sales Chart Comparison

Today Diamond announced the Top sellers for January. Here’s my comparison. I’m pretty close. I’m actually surprised that my Walking Dead numbers are higher than the national average. Also, Avengers World #1 came in at #11 for me and Harley Quinn was #14. National Pittsburgh Comics 1 Batman #27 Batman #27 2 Detective Comics #27 […]

2013 Recap – Another Great Year!!!

2013 was another great year for Pittsburgh Comics. It started with the insanity of purchasing the building (a stressful experience I never wish to repeat) and then pretty much cruised the rest of the year. Another amazing Free Comic Book Day, another creator signing and a couple of Adam Warrock concerts rounded out the “events” […]