Dwayne McDuffie and Creators Passing

In case you hadn’t heard, Dwayne McDuffie died yesterday.  Now, he rose to fame at the exact time I was out of comics, the late 80s through mid-90s.  So I was not there for the Milestone launch.  I have very little familiarity with the characters.  But the fact that they are there speaks volumes for […]

Marvel Trades Sales – Not So Good

Looking over my top GN sales for 2010, I noticed something very interesting. Of the Top 50, 6 are Marvel.  And 4 of those are only in the Top 50 because of ties.  Most are in the 60 – 70 range.  And the 2 that are in the actual Top 50?  Kick Ass and the […]

2010 Best Sellers

I read Brian Hibbs posts at Comix Experience about 2010 and wanted to compare my numbers.  I really can’t do a fair comparison across all product lines, because I don’t track back issues individually and some card packs go under Cards and some go under Games.  But I will give you my Top 50 Comics […]

It’s a Happy Day

So this is the first line on my invoice for next week: DAY EARLY DELIVERY COMPLIANCE FUND (NET) $4.00 Oh, happy day.  What does this mean?  It means that, starting next week, the books will be arriving on TUESDAYS! Now, don’t get too excited.  I will not be selling them on Tuesdays.  That is actually […]

Year End Thoughts

First off, thanks for making 2010 another successful year for me. For me, 2010 was a crazy year. Most of it is actually a blur.  These last 4 months certainly drowned out the first 8.  I do remember Free Comic Book Day being a hoot, but beyond that not so much. As you all know, […]

What Comics Excite You Right Now?

This article got me thinking, what books do I really look forward to right now?  Basically the article is Joe Kelly lamenting that much of what is going on right now in comics is stuff that he did 10 years ago.  He’s not bitter about the copying, but bored by the lack of originality. You […]

Marvel and Its Diminishing Luster

I am a fan of Marvel comics.  I am just not a fan of Marvel Comics.  Does that make sense?  I’ll explain. I grew up reading Marvel and DC.  But I loved Marvel a little bit more.  Spider-Man was always my favorite, but Daredevil was up there as well.  The New Teen Titans were good, […]

Live Blogging the November Previews

November 2010 Previews Order I decided to start with the Marvel section this month and the very first line baffled me, so I decided to live blog it for you.  I have seen some other retailers do this.  I always thought about doing it, but time usually got away from me.  I am starting the […]

Lessons Learned

As we go through daily life, it is truly amazing what we learn when we don’t even realize it.  Seeing a mother berate a child in a store gets filed away as “I’ll never do that to my kid” or reading something online about dealing with a situation hopefully gets remembered. This past week I […]

Marvel & DC Price Rollbacks

I started reading Brian Hibbs Tilting at Windmills article, but I thought I should get my views out there before reading his and going, “Uh huh, what he said.” Both Marvel and DC announced at the New York Comicon that they were going to cut prices on some of their books, starting in January.  I […]