Mike Deodato Next Wednesday 12/22 5-7PM

I just found out that Mike Deodato will be up from Brazil visiting in the area next week and is going to be kind enough to come by the store.  He will be next here Wednesday from 5-7pm.  If that isn’t a Christmas present, I don’t know what is. Mr. Deodato is currently drawing Secret […]

New Books Thursday This Week

Just in case I didn’t tell you, new books will be here Thursday this week because of Thanksgiving.  Because of this I am having the last “No New Comics Wednesday” Sale.  20% Off everything in the store.  Today Only!

1/2 Off Trades

This week I have been looking at my bookshelves and wondering where I am going to put everything.  I am just about out of room for trades.  So, I had a radical thought.  I am pulling all of the doubles off the shelves and blowing them out at half off.  This is in addition to […]

Avengers/Birthday Party Wednesday Nov 17th

Sean from San Fransisco wanted to buy pizza for the guys he hangs out with here on Wednesday nights.  He was trying to come up with a date.  So I said, how about the 17th, being that its Marvel’s “Red Hulk Joins the Avengers Day” and they want us to have a party.  It is […]

Jill Thompson Signing Wrap-Up

Thanks to everybody who came out.  There was a line the entire time, which was great.  Moved a lot of books and had a lot of fun. Special thanks to Jill Thompson for being such an awesome guest.  The sketches in each book were amazing! I will get more pictures up, but this one pretty […]

Jill Thompson Scary Godmother Signing 10/23

For my first big event as Pittsburgh Comics, I am having Jill Thompson come in to do a store appearance and signing of her new hardcover collection, Scary Godmother.  The signing will be on Saturday October 23rd from 2-5pm. It’s Halloween night and it’s up to Scary Godmother to show one little girl just how […]