Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday! Because of the great unknown this year, I took it easy and did not order a ton of books. For safety sake, they will be outside on tables rather than inside this year. A large gathering of people does not seem like a good idea. Salewise, I am doing: […]

Local Comic Shop Day is Wednesday 11/25/20!

Due to COVID-19, they decided against a special day and rolled it into the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Instead of doing rare exclusives, they just did special variant covers of several books this year. Quantities are limited only because I didn’t go nuts ordering them. LCSD 2020 DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #2 (OF 12) FOIL VAR LCSD […]

Local Comic Shop Day – Saturday!

Local Comic Shop Day is Saturday! A celebration of comic shops versus shopping online. I will have a bunch of exclusive items that can only be purchased at a participating store. Many of the items are limited and I am only getting 1 or 2 copies. I cannot hold any of the items (except for […]

Halloween Comic Fest – Saturday!

Come join us today for Halloween ComicFest! Artist Howard Bender will be here from 12-3:00 doing caricatures! There are free Halloween themed books! Cookies & Cider! Candy! Costume contest being judged at 5:00! 25% off any Horror Themed items!  

Batman Day is Here!

Today is Batman Day, a celebration of Batman! Stop by for free copies of Batman Who Laughs #1 (adults) and Batman Night Walker Sampler (kids)! Plus: 25% off all Batman Graphic Novels! 50% off all Batman Back Issues 20% off all Batman Statues and Action Figures!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!!!

Come join us on Saturday May 4th for Free Comic Book Day! I will be giving away thousands of free comics! Here’s a link to the official ones and I am supplementing that with lots of other stuff. Instead of doing signs with G, PG, PG-13 & R I am going to color code the […]

Detective Comics #1000 Midnight Release Party – 3/26/19!

We will be having another Award Winning Midnight Release Party on Tuesday 3/26 to celebrate the release of Detective Comics #1000! I will be reopening at 11:45pm so that you can come and get Detective Comics #1000 (and all of the other books shipping on 3/27). I will be having a special Batman sale as […]