Picks of the Week: 11/02/2016

CATWOMAN ELECTION NIGHT #1 | Picked by Colin & Josh (W) Meredith Finch, Mark Russell (A) Ben Caldwell (A/CA) Shane Davis It’s mayoral election time in Gotham City, and while the city is up in arms, Catwoman couldn’t care less! But when the candidates get personal, the Feline Fatale decides to get involved-much to the […]

Picks of the Week: 10/26/2016

BLOODSHOT USA #1 | Picked by Josh & Pat (W) Jeff Lemire (A) Doug Braithwaite (CA) Kano In Bloodshot we trust! Project Rising Spirit – America’s greatest exporter of classified weapons technology – has achieved a breakthrough: a contagious, airborne nanite dispersion prototype that can turn the population of any city into an army of […]

Picks of the Week: 10/19/2016

CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE #1 | Picked by Colin & Dave (W) Gerard Way, Jonathan Rivera (A/CA) Michael Avon Oeming Cave Carson has done it all: survived countless adventures below the Earth’s surface, met the love of his life, and gotten a cybernetic eye…somehow. After he and his wife, Eileen, sent their only […]

Picks of the Week: 10/12/2016

REBORN #1 | Picked by Josh, Colin, & Dave (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion MARK MILLAR & GREG CAPULLO join forces to create the smash hit sci-fi / fantasy story of the year: REBORN. Where do you go when you die? Not heaven or hell; somewhere else. Somewhere you have to fight […]

Picks of the Week: 10/05/2016

DEADMAN DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE #1 | Picked by Josh (W) Sarah Vaughn (A) Lan Medina (CA) Stephanie Hans Trapped inside an old gothic mansion, Deadman must battle the forces of darkness alongside Berenice, a young woman with a complicated love life who is gifted-or cursed-with the ability to communicate with the dead. Romance, […]

Picks of the Week: 09/28/2016

TEEN TITANS REBIRTH #1 | Picked by Pat, Colin, & Josh (W) Ben Percy (A/CA) Jonboy Meyers The Teen Titans are farther apart than ever before…until Damian Wayne recruits Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and the new Kid Flash to join him in a fight against his own grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul! But true leadership is […]

Picks of the Week: 09/21/2016

BRITANNIA #1 | Picked by Josh & Adam (W) Peter Milligan (A) Juan Jose Ryp (CA) Cary Nord On the fringes of civilization, the world’s first detective is about to make an unholy discovery… Ruled by the Fates. Manipulated by the Gods. Commanded by Caesar. In the year 65 A.D., one’s destiny was not his […]

Picks of the Week: 09/14/2016

DOOM PATROL #1 | Picked by Colin, Dave, and Josh (W) Gerard Way (A/CA) Nick Derington The atoms are buzzing. The daydreams crowd sentient streets, and the creative team has been warned, “Turn back now or suffer the mighty consequence of sheer, psycho-maniacal mayhem.” Generation-arsonists unite-this is DOOM PATROL, and the God of the Super […]

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