Picks of the Week: 11/04/15

With so many great books coming out each week, how do you decide which ones to take home? While we can’t make those tough decisions for you, we can tell you which books we’re most looking forward to this week: A bold new era in BLACK SCIENCE begins! New arc! New direction! New readers: join […]

Review: ‘Colder: Toss the Bones’ #2

Colder: Toss the Bones, the third, and final, volume in the Colder saga, manages to find the perfect balance between fun and creepy. Story protagonists Declan and Reese are trying to settle into some sense of normalcy after dealing with the finger-harvesting Swivel in ‘Colder: Bad Seed’, but the freshly resurrected Nimble Jack is toying […]

Review: He-man & Masters of Universe: Minicomic Collection HC

The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Minicomic Collection is a must read for any fan of the 1980s toys. This book is a collection of over seventy of the minicomics that were included with the original Masters of the Universe line, the She-Ra Princess of Power line, He-Man (The New Adventures) line, The […]

What about…?

The last two weeks we received some questions from one of our awesome podcast listeners (Thanks Zack!), which was great, but we’d love to hear from even more people. So if you’ve ever had any questions about comics, comic related media, or about the inner-workings of the store, please send them to us! Again, we’d love to hear […]

Poll: What has been your favorite NEW “DC You” book?

  Well we’re two months in to the new DC You launch, and so far, we’re loving most of these new books. Surprisingly, some of our favorites have been the ones that we least expected to love; books like Prez, Doctor Fate, and Bizarro. So what has been your favorite new book from DC? Tell us […]