Picks of the Week: 01/13/2016

We may be missing most of our “pickers,” but don’t you worry, there are still plenty of great books coming out this week! Here are our picks of the week: GREEN LANTERN CORPS EDGE OF OBLIVION #1 (OF 6) | Picked by Josh & Pat Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Tom Taylor (A/CA) Ethan Van Picking up […]

Picks of the Week: 01/06/2016

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone is refreshed after another holiday season and ready for an all new batch of #1 issues! Tons of great books coming out, so these are our picks of the week: SWAMP THING #1 (OF 6) | Picked by Colin, Josh, & Adam Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Len Wein (A/CA) Kelley Jones […]

Picks of the Week: 12/30/15

It may be a slower week, but you can still ring in the new year right with some great new books! Here are our picks of the week: BATMAN EUROPA #3 (OF 4) | Picked by Colin, Pat, & Adam Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Matteo Casali, Brian Azzarello (A) Giuseppe Camuncoli, Diego Latorre (CA) Diego Latorre […]

Picks of the Week: 12/23/15

Unlike last year, this year is a normal week for comics. So while you’re out finishing up your holiday shopping, make sure you stop down and grab a few new books.  Here are our last-minute picks of the week: DARK KNIGHT III MASTER RACE #2 (OF 8) | Picked by Pat, Adam, & Colin Publisher: DC COMICS (W) […]

Picks of the Week: 12/16/15

Planning on going to see that new sci-fi movie that comes out this week? If so, make sure you bring something fun to do while waiting in line. Something like…comics! Not sure which comics to get? Well, we happen to have our picks of the week right here: JUSTICE LEAGUE #46 | Picked by Pat, […]

Picks of the Week: 12/09/15

Secret Wars comes one step closer to wrapping up, DKIII #1 gets a stunning collectors edition, and Capt. Kirk and Hal Jordan try to save both their universes in the finale of the surprisingly awesome Star Trek / Green Lantern mini-series! This is a huge week for new releases and here are our picks of the week: NINJAK […]

Picks of the Week: 12/02/15

Still recovering from an epic battle with a bowl of stuffing? Kick back and relax with these picks of the week: ROBIN WAR #1 (OF 2) | Picked by Josh, Colin, Adam, & Pat Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Tom King (A/CA) Khary Randolph In part 1 of this new epic, it’s Robins vs. cops! Robins vs. […]

Picks of the Week: 11/25/15

Which comics will you be keeping within arms reach this week when fighting off a wicked Thanksgiving food coma? Here are the ones that we’re most looking forward to: DARK KNIGHT III MASTER RACE #1 (OF 8) | Picked By: Adam, Pat, Josh, & Colin Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Andy Kubert, […]

Picks of the Week: 11/18/15

This week has a bunch of new books launching, including the much anticipated Batman Europa, which was originally scheduled to come out back in 2011! Here are our picks of the week: WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #1 (Josh) Publisher: VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC (W) Robert Venditti (A) Raul Allen (CA) Cary Nord For five millennia, the […]

Picks of the Week: 11/11/15

This week has a TON of new books coming out! We’ve got more of the ‘All-New, All-Different’ Marvel and Vertigo titles launching, brand-new arcs from some of our on-going favorites, and Mr. Bloom continuing his reign of terror in Batman! Here are our picks for this week: TWILIGHT CHILDREN #2 (OF 4; MR; Josh) Publisher: DC COMICS(W) […]