Picks of the Week: 02/24/2016

Even though there is a lot of good stuff this week, we seemed to have all gravitated towards the same handful of books. Also, don’t forget that there is only one week left in Valiant Comics Month, and check out trades in the D and Q sections for the Alphabet Sale. Here are our picks of […]

Valiant Comics A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG Official Trailer (2016)

Valiant is proud to debut the official animated trailer for A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the ALL-NEW ONGOING SERIES from red-hot writer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm, Shutter) and Valiant-exclusive superstar David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-Man)! On March 16th, get smashed or be smashed when Valiant’s award-winning adventurers go […]

Picks of the Week: 02/17/16

Your friendly, neighborhood comic shop owner will be out hobnobbing at ComicsPro in Portland this week, but fear not! His trusty sidekicks will still be here holding down the fort, and helping you wade through all of the awesome books this week. Here are our picks of the week: Publisher: IMAGE COMICS(W) Joe Harris (A/CA) Martin MorazzoWriter […]

Alphabet Sale Week 2: Letters B & O

So, I have a lot of graphic novels. Too many really. Most you have never seen because they are just a little spine on a bookshelf. How can I get you to look at them? I do sales occasionally, but I tend to only sell the same books, the bigger titles. How can I get […]

Picks of the Week: 02/10/16

Broncos won, Ant-Man stole Hulk’s coke, and Bruce Wayne is about to make his way back to the cave to reclaim his mantle as the Batman. Here are our Picks of the Week: Publisher: DC COMICS(W) Shawn Aldridge (A) Scott Godlewski (CA) Tyler CrookGuns, moonshine, monsters-there’s a lot going on in the backwoods of Kentucky. Iris Gentry […]

Picks of the Week: 02/03/2016

It may be a light week, but there are still some great books coming out that are worth your attention. Also, when you come in on Wednesday, don’t forget that it is Valiant Comics Month and we have our brand new Alphabet Sale going on! Here are our Picks of the Week: Publisher: MARVEL COMICS(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Sara PichelliMiles […]

Valiant Comics Month – Feb ’16

February is Valiant Comics month at Pittsburgh Comics! So what does that mean? Well, from now until the end of February, all Valiant trades will be double points! In addition to double points, most of their Volume 1 trades are priced at $9.99, which makes it pretty easy to check out something new.We chose Valiant for our […]

Picks of the Week: 01/27/2016

Old Man Logan begins his solo adventures in the new Marvel universe, Bloodshot jumps into the future for The Analog Man arc, and Jarhead meets Pans Labyrinth in Cry Havoc #1. After shoveling all that snow last weekend, it’s time to kick back and relax with some new comics. Here are our picks of the […]

Picks of the Week: 01/20/2016

After having a shorter list last week, we’re back in full force! This Wednesday has a slew of awesome new #1 issues launching (Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, Devolution, etc.) along with a few of our monthly favorites, like Batman and Star Wars. Here are our picks of the week for 01/20/2016: Publisher: DC COMICS(W) Amy Chu (A/CA) Clay MannLife. Death. […]