A Quick Note About the Store During What All is Going On

Tim and I (and Harry and Marley) will be here at the store for all of your needs. We have been wiping down the door handle, credit card key pad and counters, so no one needs to worry. We certainly aren’t crowded other than Wednesdays, so it should be a safe place.

I will certainly keep you aware if the situation changes, but as far as it goes, we are here for your reading needs in this time of whatever this is.

There’s no sports on, so come get something to read. Or come get bags & boards to finally get the organization done that you’ve been putting off. And we are working hard on getting the back issues restocked, so there’s new stuff to see there.

Plus we will happily ship anything to you if you can’t or don’t want to get out.

Stay safe, but don’t panic.

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