February is AfterShock Comics Month at Pittsburgh Comics!

Every month, I select a character, title, creator or company to spotlight. You get double points on any of those items for the month. Sometimes I choose it based on a movie or new title or event. Most of the time, it’s just random.

This month I chose it to reward one person.

Let me introduce you to Marc Hammond. Marc runs Aw Yeah Comics in NY along with Art Baltazar and Franco, who create a lot of all ages type books

Well, 2019 ended with a thud and January started very slow. They last new book shipment was 12/18 and the 1/1 shipment was very light. So, I was concerned.

Out of the blue, Marc sent me a  message. “What’s up?” I had met Marc via ComicsPRO. Along with running his store, he also was a retailer sales rep for Archie Comics. He since moved to working for AfterShock as well as his day job. This last May in Las Vegas, we sat together at a big table and enjoyed a very fun meal together, along with Gail Simone and her awesome husband and some other industry people.

So, my response to him was “Sllllooooooowwwwww. Woooorrriiieeeddd.”

He proceeded to fill my day with positivity. To get me out of my pity party and get moving again.

So, to thank him (and show his bosses just what a positive influence he is), I am going to work on promoting AfterShock comics in the store this month. We will have a big display of the AfterShock books and recommend some of their neat stuff for you. Here’s a link to their stuff.

Thanks Marc. Now to get people reading dangerously!

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