War of Realms #1 Orders Due Today

War of Realms is coming! #1 is currently on FOC, meaning I am putting in my final orders today.

It’s going to a be a big explosive finale to Jason Aaron’s run on Thor. Russell Daughterman is back on art. If you jumped off Thor, this is the time to jump back on and see what everything has been building towards. I read an advance pdf and this is going to be big.

The first issue is oversized and $5.99. There are a ridiculous amount of covers (27!) so if there is a specific one you want, definitely let me know. I can’t order a few of every one just in case.

If you are interested, let me know or order by 10:00PM through ComicHUB to guarantee your copy!

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Russell Dauterman (CA) Arthur Adams, Matthew Wilson
Asgard. Alfheim. Heven. Jotunheim. Muspelheim. Niffleheim. Nidavellir. Svartalfheim. Vanaheim. All of the Ten Realms have fallen to Malekith and his army except one: Midgard. Home to Thor’s beloved humans. Home to heroes and gods alike. Now, at last, it burns. And Thor won’t even be there to see it.
All hell breaks loose in New York City as Malekith and his allies begin their invasion – and the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe watch as the Earth falls!
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