Help Me Help You

I have been selling out of things faster than usual lately. And I need your help.

When Old Man Hawkeye was on order adjustment 3 weeks ago, I had one request for it. That did not bode well and I did not order a lot. I sold out on Wednesday with lots of requests coming in the day before. I ordered double of my typical Avengers sales number for Avengers #675 and it’s weekly, so getting more and the right number is going to be hard. I also sold out on Wednesday. X-Men Grand Design left the shelf immediately even though I only had 2 requests for it when I ordered it. Phoenix Resurrection is a weekly book. I had 2 requests for it when I ordered all 5 issues. Then I sold out right away of #1 and reorders of it and subsequent issues are slowly coming in.

If there is something that you are interested in, please let me know, as early as you can. It is really easy on the new app that I have (ComicHUB) which connects right to my computer to make sure I order enough. The night before isn’t helpful other than to make sure you get a copy that has already come in. But if you see it in Previews and are interested, ask for a copy. Even a week before is helpful.

The comic landscape is very rocky right now. Lots and lots of books, but not as many hits. So, I’m ordering tighter so that I don’t get stuck with too much extra. The earlier you let me know that you want something, the better chance I’ll have a copy for you.

Please try the app because it takes my memory (“Hold me a copy when that comes in.”) out of play.


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  1. It’s bewildering how much there is to look through on the app to order, even with filters, but its working out well for me! Thanks!

  2. Ok I used the app. I should be signed up for Avengers no surrender in addition to Phoenix resurrection. Thank you. BK

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