I will be giving away thousands of books! (Through over 9000 stickers so far) Here is the info about the books

Instead of doing signs with G, PG, PG-13 & R I am going to color code the tables.
Green for All Ages (Green will start over by the All Ages section this year)
Yellow for PG & PG-13
Red for R

The grill will be fired up and we will have hot dogs out as soon as reasonable (ie, not 9:00AM). And soda and cookies. All day (until they run out.)

I am hoping to be open and ready to go at 9:00. I am planning on putting a bunch of stuff on tables outside and that may take me a bit to set up.

If you are coming to help out, please park over at the Crossroads and walk over. Parking is always at a premium.

If you are planning to be here fro a while, please try to park over at the Crossroads as well.

I am going to have a 2nd cash register set up. It’s going to be an express lane.

But what you really want to know is “Whats the sale info?”  Here you go:

All Guardians of the Galaxy items – 25% Off.  See the movie, get some books!  

Back Issue Sale – 50% Off!

What? You want more? Jeez:

All Graphic Novels – Buy 2, get the 3rd free (equal or lesser value)

All Action Figures  – 25% Off

All Statues have been individually discounted, so check the tags.

You still want more? Did I mention I’m feeding you too? OK, here’s more:

All Games – 50% Off

That’s it. I don’t have anything more. What? Just a couple more?  OK, here are my last 2:

There will be dollar books (fill a short box for $100) and deeply discounted stuff outside on tables (weather permitting – and its looking very questionable).

I hope that’s enough.

As always, held items and special orders are excluded.

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