What’s Going on This Weekend at Pittsburgh Comics

Tonight! Book Club! 7:00! Talking about The Valiant TP from Valiant Comics

Come on down and talk about what you like or don’t like and what you think about it.

Back Issue Sale!

I can’t really do a temperature sale (yea, I know you want me to) but 50% off all Back Issues because of the ridiculously warm temperature. Friday thru Saturday! The boxes on the tables are all fresh and I am pricing more and more every day.

Previews Order Due Thursday!

If there is anything in the new Previews you are interested in, please let me know. I am getting fewer and fewer pre-orders on books with people expecting me to have them on the shelf, then getting requests the night before they come out and I am selling out. I order based on demand, so if no one asks for a book, I don’t order many. Old Guard #1 was a casualty of that this week. I only had 2 requests when I ordered it (from 2 “every Image #1” guys). By the time it arrived, I had 8 requests for it. Sadly I only ordered 10 and it was too late to get more by the time the requests came in. Same thing with Highlander #1. No one asked for it. I ordered 3. Suddenly Wednesday, 8 people wanted it. Luckily more are on the way for that one. Help me help you. There is so much stuff coming out now that I can’t just order 10 or 20 of every #1. I base my orders on demand for the book.

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