What about…?

The last two weeks we received some questions from one of our awesome podcast listeners (Thanks Zack!), which was great, but we’d love to hear from even more people. So if you’ve ever had any questions about comics, comic related media, or about the inner-workings of the store, please send them to us! Again, we’d love to hear from you and we’ll do our best to answer your questions during the next weekly podcast.

You can post your questions in the comments on the site or Facebook, send a tweet to @pghcomics, or send an email to colin@pittsburghcomics.com.


BTW, if you like the sweet featured image for this post, it’s a commission by Otis Frampton that I found on his Deviant Art page. He’s the writer and illustrator for the Image book “Oddly Normal”, which has it’s last regular issue coming out this week. The series will be continuing, but in a graphic novel format.

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