New Podcast Idea For Today

I have had some people talk to me in the store about how much they would like to come to the Podcast, but Wednesday night is not good for them.  So it got me thinking.  Saturday is always a very odd day.  I never know what to expect.  I do certain things certain days.  I know I am going to see certain people on certain days.  But Saturday is always a crap shoot.  It can be crazy busy or deathly slow.

So I had this idea.  While I do not want to set a specific time for a podcast )because I don’t know how busy it will be) what if I did something much more casual.  On the dead days, I often sit in the red chair and talk to one of you regulars for a while.  These are some of the most interesting conversations to me.  Not planned.  Just a free flow of ideas.  “I really liked this.  I didn’t like that.  Why don’t they…”  Maybe listeners would be interested in listening in.

So today will be a test of what I’ll tentatively call the Red Chair Dialogues.  If you are interested, come on down and we’ll chat.  This also may lead to a more organized Saturday podcast if people want it.

Just for fun, I may also do some reviews.  I’ve read a bunch lately, but seem to lack the desire to type my thoughts all out.

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