Some Reviews of 10/12 Books by Mr. D

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 671 The pace really picked up in this issue. Mary Jane uses her powers. Peter comes face to face with Kaine and gets something he’s been missing back. The Queen and Madame Web actually do something. And perhaps my favorite moment, Number Six is revealed! Admittedly, I do not read any of the Spider-Island tie-ins, but I still think it’s fair to say that this has been a cool event. I had my doubts, buy Slott and Ramos came through. I love Ramos on Spidey; his Mary Jane is the best (fantastic cover). Can’t wait to see how this story ends. Also can’t believe there is actually a twitter hashtag on the cover.  GRADE: A








FF 10 This issue didn’t really do anything for me. Every few issues, Hickman takes a few steps backwards to set up for future moments. Before this arc began, that formula has been fine because everything he was setting up for was for this very arc. Now that we’ve arrived to the moment Hickman has been setting up for, I don’t want more set up, I want action. I want to see the outcome of the well crafted story telling of Hickman. I am a big fan of his work in this series, so I don’t want to sound like I am ragging on him. I just hope my faith won’t be proven to be misplaced. Glad to see Ben come back to the team, nice touch with who shows up with him.  GRADE: C+








UNCANNY X-FORCE 16 Without a doubt, this is the best Marvel book.  This arc, The Dark Angel Saga, should go down as one of the better X story lines. Rick Remender pushes the absolute limit; nothing seems to be off limits. His writing is wonderfully complimented by Jerome Opeña’s distinct pencils and Dean White’s colors. Both capture the tone of the story perfectly.  This issue features a lot of Deadpool and my favorite, Fantomex.  The result is some awesomely violent and hilarious moments. Archangel plays the perfect villain, once again demonstrating that he is 100% serious about his mission to remake the world in his image. If you don’t read this book, go to the store and get the 13 previous issues and block off a few hours of your day. Once you started reading, you won’t be able go stop.  GRADE: A+







X-MEN REGENESIS 1 I really enjoyed this read. So much that I bought it digitally (rare occurrence) so I could read it at work for a second and even third time. The book did a great job of capturing some of the more important characters feelings about the split between Scott and Logan both in writing and art. The tribal allegory fight was a unique way to show how difficult the “decision” really is for everyone. The only thing that I didn’t get was the Blue Chick pulling a gun on Hope but since I don’t read Generation Hope I am really not too concerned. I also thought Psylocke not jointing Wolverine was a bit odd; after all they’ve been through it would make sense for her to go with Logan. Other than that, I was pleased with how the book resolved.  GRADE: A  X-MEN LEGACY 257 I went into this arc with high hopes because it brought back Havok and crew. Unfortunately, the story hasn’t really featured anyone outside of Rogue and some weird telepathic alien. This issue didn’t advance the story much leading me to question why Marvel wouldn’t push for this to wrap up sooner with Schism over and Regensis 1 on the shelves. The art is sloppy and unflattering. Thankfully, the next issue ends this arc and returns everyone home. I am hopeful that this book can rebound with the new direction of the franchise; but with Carrey and Pham still on board, I have my doubts.   GRADE: D







BATMAN AND ROBIN 2 I really am enjoying this book. It’s a fresh take on a new relationship in the Bat world.  Prior to the relaunch, Damian’s Robin worked with Dick Grayson, not his father, Bruce Wayne. Bruce is job as Batman becomes more complicated because he needs to be both a mentor and father to his son. To make things more difficult, Damian has a tendency to utilize violence before mercy, an instinct that has seemingly been ingrained into his DNA. This books has a purpose, unlike other Bat books on the shelves right now (Dark Knight anyone?).  As a result, I’ll definitely continue to read this new 52 DC title. The art is different and is taking some getting used to, and I’d like to see some more action in the story. The potential is definitely present with the current villain and tension between Bruce and Damian.  GRADE: B+







GREEN LANTERN 2 A good read but it felt short. Sinestro makes Hal a Lantern, they save some humans, and kill a Yellow Lantern before leaving for Korugar.   Hal is back in green which I am sure delights many fans but there’s a catch,  Sinestro holds all the power. I’m interested to see the end result of this clearly shaky alliance. Looking back, I guess a lot did happen so how could it have been short? Regardless, I am glad I decided to give this book a chance after the DC relaunch.  GRADE: B









Dan Degnan is a High School English teacher and coach but more importantly a 30 year old comic book enthusiast. He reads about 40 Marvel and DC titles a month and loves to talk at length about each book.  His twitter handle is MrDegnan; follow him for more discussion, short reviews, and grades.

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