Pittsburgh Comics Podcast Issue #21

Where we talk about the new Kindle and digital comics as well as some recent likes and dislikes

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  1. That was quick!

    2) I just put this comment out here hoping to generate a little conversation on the website. Maybe some podcast listeners who can’t attend could put out some questions or ideas about what they would like to hear.

    3) I understand that point, but this podcast was kinda “boring” to listen too, because after the initial digitial conversation it seemed like nobody really had too much to say or if someone did everybody else didn’t have much of a response. I know this 1 was shorter, but I had trouble actually getting thru it. I hate using the word “boring”, but since I’m typing this up at work I didn’t have time to sit there and think about it. It seems like the same conversation alot with the same recommendations and same likes/dislikes every week from the same group of guys.

    4 & 5) I was just curious about what listeners had to say so maybe we could do a podcast or something related to what they want to hear about. It wasn’t specifically directed at the texts, but at that kinda idea of getting feedback from listeners and addressing some of their issues/questions/comments.

  2. Finally got to finish listening to the podcast and here are my thoughts.
    1) That was a really long talk about what device to read digitial comics on. (ZZZZZ)
    2) We need some new people on the podcast (at this point I (we?) can almost always pick out what someone is gonna like just based on the company/character that produces/appears in the book)
    3) Nobody has much to say when the podcast isn’t DC centric.
    4) I’d like to hear some non-podcast attendees thoughts. (I know people come into the store and mention it, but what do they actually have to say?).
    5) Do these peoples opinions even matter? (When people’s opinions/questions/concerns in the past have been brought forward the collective podcasters (almost all) basically went, “Whatever”.

    These are just my quick thoughts. I know I sound kinda harsh, but I’ve never been accused of not being brutally honest.

    • 2) Every week I ask people to come talk. I can’t make people come.

      3) My problem talking about new books is that I have already (10/10) read all of the Marvel & Image books I am likely to read coming out Wednesday (10/12), but we will not discuss them for 9 more days (10/19). And at that point, I will have read another weeks worth of books, plus all of the DC books for the next 2 weeks. So I leave it to the other podcasters to bring up books they want to discuss. The DC discussions were different because everyone had just read them the day before or that day. I don’t see the point of talking about books that came out that Wednesday because most people haven’t read them. But I also know that trying to do a discussion on them for a Thursday podcast won’t work because people did not like have to rush to read and most people won’t want to come twice a week.

      4) Most people that bring up listening to the podcast say that they are trying something that they heard us talking about.

      5) I don’t know what you mean about “do these people’s opinions even matter?” Are you talking about the people that texted you saying that I so offend them that they’ll never shop here? Why would I bring that up?

      The point of the podcast was to sit around BSing about whatever we wanted to talk about. I try to have a vague outline so we don’t sit around with dead air, not knowing where to go next. This week is NYCC, so there should be some fun stuff coming out of there to talk about.

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