Wednesday Podcast Thoughts

I am happy that we had some new people there last Wednesday (as I was rocking out at Star Lake with my wife).

With Fear Itself and Flashpoint both coming out last week, I definitely want to talk about them (Fear Itself finally showing up to the party and the awesomeness of Batman).  But, I’d also like to talk about some other stuff, like upcoming San Diego Comicon announcements and maybe talk more about news stories rather than just last weeks comics.

What is sparking my thoughts on this is the announcement of First Comics returning.  Now, those of you younger than me will have little or no idea what first comics is, so maybe I will be able to educate you in a blog post I will start working on.  If you saw something on a comic news channel, post it in the comments and we’ll talk about it.

Bring your thoughts, ideas and an open mind.  See you all Wednesday!


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