Reviews – Reverse Flash #1 and Thunderbolts #159

Flashpoint: Reverse Flash

Written by Scott Kollins
Penciled by Joel Gomez
Reviewed by Dan (the original)
The history of the Reverse Flash’s vendetta against Barry Allen is revealed. 

The “no-holds barred” approach.  Not often do we as readers get to experience the villain’s perspective, and when we do, the tone sometimes isn’t dark enough.  Not the case here.  The Reverse Flash is down right evil and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

I did not like the art.  It is too blocky for someone that is supposed to move fast.  The narration was bit choppy and hard to follow too.

The book itself.  I for one thought this book would explain how the world of Flashpoint came to be considering the Reverse Flash is supposed to be the culprit.  After reading this issue twice, and finding out that this is a one-shot, not a first of three like the cover misreads, I realize that this has nothing to do with Flashpoint but rather Barry Allen in the “real” world.  Very deceiving on the part of DC.

Overall,  a nice read in the sense that I know more about the Reverse Flash and why he hates Barry Allen, but in regards to Flashpoint, I am disappointed with this book.


Thunderbolts 159

Written by Jeff Parker, Joe Caramagna, Jen Van Meter, and Frank Tieri
Penciled by Declan Shalvey, Valentine De Landro, Eric Canete, and Matthew Southworth
Reviewed by Dan (the original) 

A double-sized issue featuring some of the best characters this book has to offer and how Fear is affecting the Raft.

Everything!  I absolutely love this book.  The characters are great, especially the “B” team.  Mr. Hyde in action is superb.  It was also nice to see Crossbones again.  This book does something that Marvel should be doing with all of their books.  It ties an on-going series into a major event without disrupting anything.  It makes sense, unlike some of the other Marvel books right now.

The Moonstone story was the worst of the book, but truthfully it wasn’t really that bad.  Some people may complain the the $4.99 price tag is steep.  I actually like the approach by the writers.  Chaos has taken over the Raft, so obviously a lot is happening.  This book tells those stories.

Nothing.  Sorry if you feel different.

Read this book if you are looking for something fresh and new.  You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Now that I know this works…
    Hey, Dan the O. I’m glad someone reviewed T’bolts, but I have a completely different take. To preface, I love the book. Love the writing, characters/characterization & art. This issue, however, felt like a complete waste of time and money. Like all of the Fear Itself minis and crossovers that I will not be buying, nothing of consequence happened in this issue. We get to see where the characters are during FI, and that’s about it. Yes, the lead story helped to further the ongoing narrative, and I did like it, but I would have rather had a full-length issue on that topic than the multiple short stories by writers and artists not acquainted with the new take on T’bolts. It didn’t feel like a treat for the long-time readers, but more of a chore. The price point hurt, too, when you consider we have 4 issues shipping bi-weekly. Thanks again for the review; just wanted to get a differing opinion out there!

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