FCBD Sale Info

Sorry.  Meant to do this earlier, but I went to see Thor so I am ready to discuss it.

All Thor merchandise – 25% off

Graphic Novels – Buy 1, get the 2nd for 30% off

Statues and Busts – See the list by the door and on the website here

Back Issues – One last Temperature Sale!  Whatever the temperature is at the time you are checking out is your discount.

Board games, Card games and Role Playing Game Books – 20% off

Dollar books are 10 for $5

I got in a bunch of mini-series and we packaged them up as VERY LOW priced sets, so take a look.

Grab Boxes – Lots of same type books packed up for you.  70-90 X-Men for $24.99 and more!

Coloring contest for the kids (sorry, Donnie)

Hot dogs and pop!


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