New Comic Shelving Question

As I have been adding the new shelves to the end of the alphabet, I have just been doing it in 4 foot sections (the length of the shelf). In that area, it goes top to bottom alphabetically and then continues over section over to the right. This has been done mostly because I am only adding a shelf a week.

However, the bulk of the comic wall is arranged alphabetically lengthwise along the 36 foot length of the shelf. Here is my question:

Would it be easier for you to find things if I broke the long comic wall down into 4 foot sections with the books being alphabetical top to bottom, then starting again on the next 4 foot section?

This would keep you from getting to the end of the shelf and having to walk all of the way back down to continue. My concern is that it will make the wall more patchwork as I will end up with C’s next to F’s. I thought about building in a couple breaks with shelving or even toy pegs, but I really don’t want to sacrifice New Comic shelving just for a break.

I am really putting this out to the people that shop here. It doesn’t really matter to me. I want to make things easier for you to find stuff.

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  1. Im fine with it either way .when i look at the shelves i usually just look for all the yellow or blue tags just to make sure im not forgetting anything i wanted to get.

  2. I like the idea of the 4ft shelves. That is how I scan the shelves on Wednesdays anyway. Of course I’m mostly just looking for the yellow “new book” tags.

    I know from a putting books away I would much rather have it alphabetized in 4ft sections. And come to think about it, that is how the trade sections are organized, but I know the shelves provide a natural break.

    Just my .02

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