Marvel Trades Sales – Not So Good

Looking over my top GN sales for 2010, I noticed something very interesting. Of the Top 50, 6 are Marvel.  And 4 of those are only in the Top 50 because of ties.  Most are in the 60 – 70 range.  And the 2 that are in the actual Top 50?  Kick Ass and the Wizard of Oz adaptation.  A creator owned book that had increased popularity due to a movie and a great adaptation of a classic story.  Marvel’s editors should be shaking their heads.

So what does this say about Marvel’s storylines?  Maybe this will end the “Writing for the Trade” syndrome that has been affecting all of Marvel’s storylines for the last, what, decade?

Seeing that DC finally beat Marvel in December on Dollar sales, but not Unit sales, I have to assume that means that DC trades out did Marvels.  So, my numbers are not unique.

I would love to see a return to the 2-3 issue story arcs.  Give people a chance to jump on board the train.  It is very hard to say “Wait 3 issues until this wraps up.”  And people are tired of shelling out $4 each for a bunch of middle.

Just my 2 cents.

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