What Comics Excite You Right Now?

This article got me thinking, what books do I really look forward to right now?  Basically the article is Joe Kelly lamenting that much of what is going on right now in comics is stuff that he did 10 years ago.  He’s not bitter about the copying, but bored by the lack of originality.

You will see this again later in the year, but my #1 New Year’s Resolution is going to be Read More Comics.  It should be easy for me to read them, but often I get behind on a title and never get a chance to get caught up.  I am going to work on it.  But another problem I have is that there is not a lot out there I am eager to read.  After the top 3 or 4 books on the pile, I drift.  The hand goes to the remote control.  Now, for me, my main reading time is from 11pm to 1am, so lack of focus and tiredness (especially at this time of year) is also a factor.

I was loving Brubaker’s Captain America.  I felt it got better when they killed him.  But two years of “I’m not worthy to wear the costume/Someone is messing with my head!” storylines have taken their toll.  I really don’t care about the Trial of Bucky.  And there is no way to get someone on board with this book right now.

I  love Daredevil, but that attachment may be over.  They gave me a chance to leave and I may take it.  I got halfway through Black Panther MWOF and never picked it back up.

I was enjoying Fantastic Four, but the end of Millar’s run made me walk away.  Too confusing and late and tying in with other books that had either already finished or I wasn’t reading made me not care.  I never read the beginning of Hickman’s run, sold out and couldn’t get more, so I never bothered.  The beginning of “3” is sitting in the pile, waiting to be read.  Maybe.

I was really enjoying Doom Patrol, but then it crossed over with Blackest Night, lost the Metal Men backup and I stopped.  So did everyone else apparently.  I don’t have a single pull for the title left.

But, that is not to say that there aren’t’ a lot of books I do look forward too every month.  Walking Dead must be read first.  Same with the Boys.  Yes, I am a broken record, but they never fail to deliver.  Chew has been fun.  Secret Avengers has been good (but I am a big Shang Chi fan).

So, I ask, what is your favorite right now? Why?  I don’t mean justify it.  Just tell me why I should be reading it.

On the same line, what have you drifted away from and why?  Someone may be reading them now and tell us its a good time to get back on board.


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  1. So for those of you that don’t know me, I read a lot of comics. Probably 20+ a week. I’m not going to state the obvious ones (aka Secret Avengers) but here are a few:

    American Vampire
    Bullet to the Head
    GI Joe A Real American Hero
    Astonishing Thor
    Detective (starting with Scott Snyder’s Run)
    Ex Machina (it’s over buy the trades it’s a fun book)
    Deadpool Max (and I don’t like deadpool)
    Justice League Generation Lost (better than BD IMHO)
    Morning Glories (you should be reading this)
    Teen Titans (starting to Krul/Scott run)
    Secret Warriors

    Comics I like but frustrate me because of shipping issues:
    Avengers Childrens Crusade
    Powers (buy the trades, great stories)

    I would also say check out Superman Earth One. It’s a good story, a modern retelling of his origin. Also check out the Vertigo Crime OGN’s, and check out the Parker books from IDW.

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